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What to Consider When Choosing an e-Commerce Hosting Provider
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What to Consider When Choosing an e-Commerce Hosting Provider

E-commerce is a booming industry and a great way to make shopping easier for customers. The industry is also very competitive and for the owners of e-commerce domains and websites, customer retention is of primary focus.

Surveys have repeatedly proved that customers do not wait for sites to load and would not stay on a site for long, if it is slow. Some figures clearly state that sites are abandoned if the performance is poor.

Apart from how fast a site loads for the consumer, the ease of use of the website is equally as important. A website full of glitches is discouraging and people will try to use another site instead.

Customizable Software

Some hosts offer their CMS software with their services. However, how far the CMS integrates with the e-commerce platform that you own should determine which host you want to be with. Going by user satisfaction and popularity, Joomla and WordPress are CMS functional platforms that have taken the lead in term of their versatility and flexibility.

The software and CMS offered must be able to accommodate your commerce’s growing needs. Features that you are expecting to utilize in the future should be available for purchase later. Keep in mind the overhead costs and how much you want to expand when choosing a host.

Host Server and Up-time Reliability

If your hosting company is reputable in providing quality and reliable services to their customers, then you need not go looking too far. Powerful servers that guarantee an up-time of 99 percent and above is seen as reliable. For an e-commerce site where people choose to shop at any time of their convenience, even the shortest downtime is detrimental.

Ideally, a host should guarantee a 99.9 percent of up-time considering at least a few hours of downtime every month. This short period can create big losses to business if it not contained. Check the up-time scores of a host to find how they fare in comparison with others.

Security of Information

For an e-commerce site that wants to expand their customer base, they will need to accept payments through various methods. Most customers are discouraged when their preferred mode of payment is not available.

Dealing with such money transactions, all customers are wary of how secure their information will be. Most sites offer to save credit/debit information to make payment easier for users. If this information is not safely stored, the credibility of the e-commerce business diminishes.

It is wise to trust in secure payment gateways, like Safe2Pay (safe2pay.com.au), to make transactions secure and reliable.

Ease of Using the Control Panel

Customer satisfaction is important, but so is your comfort when you are dealing with a host. For you to build a site to your requirements, you need to know how to work with the options that the host provides you.

Server management and administration of the website lets you resolve issues in time and make changes to the website as and when it is required. Complexity in using these services will reflect on the site’s response.

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