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Types of Web Hosting Services
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Types of Web Hosting Services

For someone who wants to start their own website or an enterprise wanting to host an e-commerce site on the Internet, the best option is to choose a web hosting service. While searching for options on web hosting service providers, some of them may not be familiar to you. There are different types of services that are offered by a hosting companies based on the different needs of the users and what they need to host ultimately determines the web hosting platform you need.

SHARED Hosting

Shared hosting is the most preferable choice for individuals and small businesses that do not use a lot of bandwidth and is at the starting phase of expansion. It does not make sense to occupy a large server when you are not using the resources. There is a lot less maintenance involved in shared hosting and very the fees are low.

Basically, shared hosting means that you share a massive server with thousands of other member-customers with their own websites. It comes with its own limitations, when you start to expand. There are space and bandwidth limitations that occur when another website uses more of the resources which can cause performance issues. Our servers allow for automatic adjustments to the platform so no impact is felt across our server farms. Once a website starts to grow to a point of large utilization, you may have to move to a VPS or other more dedicated service.

Many web hosts let you upgrade from shared hosting to the next level easily and without any disruptions.

VPS Hosting

VPS is the best option to opt for if you require a more dedicated set of resources as it shares the server with other customers but within limits. Each user is allocated server space that is used by only that particular owner. A VPS server is much more secure than shared hosting since there is no interference from other sharers.

VPS provides an environment of working on a dedicated server. At the same time, it saves you the cost of owning one because it is shared by others. VPS also gives you more power in terms of administration. There is a lot of security that comes along with a VPS hosting and allows for some level of customization.

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A dedicated server delivers the highest level of resources as you use an entire server for yourself. You get to have all administrative power and can choose what you want to do with your server from the time of configuration. It is all tailored to your specific needs.

A dedicated server certainly costs you the most. It is the best option if your organization or website requires robust and private server space.


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