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Patented Payment Technology

Using Safe2Pay’s patented, world first tokenised payment system, our Payment Gateway can boast the best security in the e-commerce sector. Make and accept payments in confidence that your business and your customer’s details are safe.

Seamless Integration

Efficiency and adaptability are the foundations of a successful business – our Payment Gateway is able to be integrated with most shopping carts, while also providing CSV exports for your accounting system.

Support International Payments

Do you sell product to buyers overseas? If so, Safe2Pay has you covered. We provide competitive transaction fees for international payments and can process over 110 currencies.

Flexible Pricing

No more monthly fees. We provide flexible plans and pricing based on your volume of monthly transactions and the industry you’re in.

24-hour Settlement

Your money is settled to your Westpac business account within 24-hours, improving your businesses cash flow. Settlement into other bank accounts usually takes less that 48-hours.

Local Support

We’re 100% Australian owned & operated, so if you ever need help our team is ready to talk 24/7 via phone, email or the chat box on our website.

Smart Dashboard


Seamless Control

Safe2Pay wants to make running your business easy. That’s why you can set up recurring payments, process refunds and email receipts all from our unique, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Online & In-store

Unlike other interfaces, Safe2Pay’s dashboard gives you the ability to manage and view your online & in-store transactions from the one place. You can filter by payment type, day, month or year, or by using the last 4-digits of a customer’s card.

Insights & Analytics

Gain invaluable insights into how your customers’ interact with your business. Our dashboard can provide analytics on individual spend, hourly and daily spend, and even spend based on product or service. Perfect for businesses looking to optimise their output.



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