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5 reasons why you should choose WordPress hosting
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5 reasons to choose WordPress hosting

It is a common question as to why someone should host their website on WordPress. It is easy to leave aside these contemplation’s, as managed hosting has become the most convenient and easy ways to put up a website online. You don’t have to be technical or an IT person to use WordPress as it’s very user friendly and easy to operate. It’s very easy to start with WordPress. You can upgrade to a website at any given time, too. There are a lot of advantages that WordPress hosting has and with managed WordPress hosting, you can rarely ever run into an issue. The noteworthy advantages are as follows.

Speed & Up-time

WordPress has close to zero downtime if effectively managed. Having great up-time is a core part of any good Australian hosting provider. SEO, your search engine ranking is also improved by maintaining a fast and always available website.

Customer Support

WordPress is very comprehensive with its navigation and learning tools, to begin with. Many online forums and blogs will provide you with plenty of resources to manage your wordpress hosted website.

Depending on the trustworthiness of your managed host service, their customer service will also help you a great deal (try DataQuest Digital).

Automatic Backup

With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to back up your work because the Autosave option of WordPress is constantly saving your drafts. Websites are backed up on a daily basis, which makes sure that all the other changes to the site is also saved. This must be configured by your web hosting provider.

Latest Updates

A failure to update WordPress in time can lead to security issues and site malfunction, without doubt. Handling your WordPress hosted website by yourselves might not be your best option.

A managed WordPress hosting provider will provide you with the latest updates and plugins to prevent any problems associated with new updates and releases.

Very Secure

Many hosts have had to deal with security breaches including some of the largest global brands. These problems don’t arise with WordPress very often, as the websites are regularly scanned and screened with security checks.

Even when you host WordPress with an web hosting provider, the proper server level security must be maintained so that you are not exposed to any security breaches. So, your web hosting provider can fix your security issues quickly to prevent and data loss and downtime.

Overall a properly managed WordPress website with a great Web Hosting support team is a great way to maintain a great online presence. Check out our WordPress Hosting plans HERE