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2 Simple Steps to Register Your Domain Name
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2 Simple Steps to Register Your Domain Name

Developing your website is an exciting journey. You have a good idea about what you want and have spent time planning and imagining how wonderful it is going to be.

However, you need a unique identifier for your website to be able to differentiate it from the millions of other sites on the internet. This unique identifier is more commonly known as “Domain” or “Domain Name.”

Your domain is essentially an online address where your website lives. Your potential or existing clientele will be typing your web address/domain name to visit your website to learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

Find your Domain Name

– It is vital to find and secure a domain name that is simple, easy to spell and remember.

– It would be terrible if your audience missed out on your amazing work just because they weren’t able to remember or spell your domain name.

– You need to choose a domain name that will give the visitors a clear idea of what product or idea you’re going to sell. Here are few attributes to look for in a domain name:

– Informative: you don’t want to stray too far away from your company name, product or the idea that you want to share. Keep it relevant.

– Simple: It is good to choose a name that is easy to understand. Use commonly associated words or phrases that can be followed by everyone.

– Easy to read: If the name is too long or incomprehensible, no one will bother to visit your site and will quickly go to your competitor. Try not to make it too complicated like, ‘myhungersavingrestaurant.com.”

– Catchy: As mentioned above, a catchy name makes your brand precisely this- ‘catchy.’ For example instead of ‘MyRestaurant.com’ try something like ‘MyResto.com.’

– Multiple extensions: Register your domain name with multiple extensions like .com, .net, .au, .org, etc., so that people can easily find your domain using any extension. You can just redirect them to the right page.

– Multiple domain names: We know It’s taken you a long time to choose your domain name but it’s important to register with multiple names. People often misspell words and can tend to be easily confused. You do not want your competition benefiting from your brand. For example in the case of our restaurant try variations such as, ‘myrestorant,’ ‘meresto,’ ‘myfood,’ ‘restaurantmy,’etc.

Choose a Reliable Domain Registrar

Register your domain with a registrar that is reliable and suits your business needs. Always look for excellent technical support and clutter-free navigation. While you are working on your site, you do not want to waste time waiting too long for a response from the service provider. There are many other factors that you have to consider, some of which are mentioned below:

  1. 24/7 Support and Uptime Scores

Look for a web host that provides support and are reliable at all times. Look out for good customer feedback regarding their technical and customer support. Keep an eye out for the up-time scores of the host as this is very important when you make your choice.

  1. A Powerful Server

You don’t want to compromise on speed and performance.

  1. Ease of Use

If the control panel used by the web host is too complicated for you, you will have to spend most of your time looking to find the right settings. A smooth and easy control panel is essential for people who have a full schedule.

  1. E-commerce features

This depends on whether you are running an eCommerce website. But it can also come in handy if you need to make business transactions and offer specialised technical support.

A Few More Tips For You:

  • Going with the most popular is NOT always a good idea

Remember that popularity is not the same as reputability. For instance, while GoDaddy is easily one of the world’s most popular domain registrars, largely because of the low pricing, it has also had problems in the past with customer relations.

  • Read online reviews before making a decision

Every host will claim to offer everything you want. You will never know unless you experience their service. Or can you?

Checking reviews is the best way to know whether a registrar or hosting company is all that they claim to be. Check on websites like www.productreview.com.au, which is Australia’s most popular review website.

Also, please check out DataQuest Digital reviews here:


  • How many years do you need to register for?

When registering you will be asked for the number of years you want to keep this domain for. Usually medium to big businesses register their domains for five to ten years.This is advantageous because it gives your business a sense of durability which creates the impression of trustworthiness. Sadly, in Australia, for .au domains can only be registered for a maximum of two years. With that in mind, you should look for a host that lets you renew your registration easily.

Prices you can expect to pay for domain names

Here are a selection of domain name cost that you can expect from sites respective extensions.

.com – Prices usually range from $10 to $20 a year.

.com,au – Prices should range between $35 to $40. Region-specific extensions are slightly more expensive since the viewership will be specified to the needs of the people you are targeting. They are also more relevant to you.

.net – Prices are similar to .com extension

.net.au – This extension, being region specific should remain below $40.

Apart from that, annual registration costs of a single domain may not vary much with registrars, but the cost of additional services you may want may differ from registrar to registrar.
So, now you know how to go about registering a domain name. Having a great domain name will kick-start your website and excellent support from your web host will ensure a smooth process. Be sure to check out Australia’s number one web host with 100% customer satisfaction – DataQuest Digital and start your journey now!